Nestle into an intimate corner. Renew your spirit in the way that lights you up. Nourish your family and your imagination. Gather your loved ones to connect, celebrate and play.

modernNest Developments crafts contemporary artisanal homes that embody your retreat from the outside world. We create thoughtful sanctuaries that unify beautiful design with functional innovation.

We believe that modern doesn’t have to mean cool minimalism. To us modern means mean living simply and purposefully in spaces that invite you to breathe. modernNest homes are original creations that are infused with the spirit of a sculptural artist and the sensibility of a master builder. Throughout our homes we select exceptional materials and add intelligent details. Every nook is designed for living.

Welcome home. Now breathe.

Current duplex project – 214/216 Michigan St in James Bay

About the Designer & Builder

Samantha came to her passion for house design through her career as an artist where her sculptural forms creatively evolve from clear conceptual process, consistent integrity of material, and a unique compelling aesthetic.  Her approach to designing homes is the same.  In the design of her own home, attention to the multiple needs of her family inspired the creation of intimate corners to find solitude and ignite imagination, plus multifunctional open spaces to gather and play.  Samantha’s work in art and in design has been featured in magazine publications, galleries, and tours.  She is, at her core, an artist who believes a home must be beautiful as well as purposeful throughout every detail.

Adam inherited his knack for construction from his family. A third generation award winning builder with eighteen years’ experience, Adam is the founder of MADA Construction. To his meticulous approach to construction he brings a passion for contemporary design, architecture and character restoration. In partnering with sculptural artist Sam Dickie, Adam contributes exceptional experience and skill to modernNest Developments. Adam’s insight into project management and the process of construction, plus his long-standing relationships to reputable suppliers and trades ensure the quality and integrity of each modernNest home.

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Samantha Dickie: 250.418.0313  •  Adam Nagasaki 250.415.8384  •

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